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Parents and Students,

The completion of a Community Service Project is a graduation requirement for all students. If students plan early and follow through with their responsibilities it will enhance their opportunities for a successful and meaningful project. Attached, please find a copy of the International Studies Charter High School Project Proposal packet. Please read carefully and follow the directions for completion.

We encourage you to:

  • Assist your son/daughter to complete their community service project as early as possible.
  • Assist your son/daughter in selecting a location from within his/her community that has been pre-approved by the social studies teacher.
  • Remind your son/daughter to get a verification signature and/or a statement letter from the location acknowledging their service.
  • All community service hours are due by the end of the first semester of the student's senior year.
  • Check your son/daughter’s student history/course credit analysis form for completion of all graduation requirements.
  • Make at least 3 copies of this information for your records.

Please be advised that no senior will participate in graduation activities without a hundred percent completion of all graduation requirements. The service must be completed at a non-profit organization; no service hours will be accepted from other organizations. If you need additional information, please have your son/daughter request assistance from their Social Studies instructor and/or call our School Counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are community service projects?

A. Community service projects are defined as well planned, organized, and on a voluntary effort to address a specific need in the community (i.e. giving food to the poor, tutoring students for free, and volunteering in an after-school care program). Meaningful community service projects require an ongoing commitment on the behalf of the student.

Q. Where can a student do his or her community service project?

A. Students must select a location from the “Community Service Project Placement Information”. School personnel may assist a student in selecting a community service project; it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to select a meaningful project after consultation with the parent/guardian.

Q. What are the different scholarships and their requirements?

  • Students working towards the Florida Academic Scholars Award are required to have a minimum of 100 hours, as approved by district or private schools prior to the end of the first semester of their senior year.
  • Students working towards the Florida Medallion Scholars Award are required to have a minimum of 75 hours, as approved by district or private schools prior to the end of the first semester of their senior year.
  • Students working towards the Superintendent Diploma are required to have a minimum of 75 hours, as approved by district or private schools prior to the end of the first semester of their senior year.

Q. When may a student complete his/her community service project?

A. Students may complete the community service project any time between ninth and the first semester of their twelfth grade. If the community service project is not completed by the first semester in the twelfth grade, the student may be held back from all senior activities.

Q. May students complete the requirements at a school or must the project be done in the community?

A. Students may fulfill the community service project at a school or in the community. The project must not be performed within the context of regular school course in which they are receiving credit or during school hours.

Q. May students work on several small projects or are they required to work on one project exclusively?

A. Either option is acceptable.

Q. How many hours of service must be completed in order for students to receive credit for the community service project?

A. There is a minimum of twenty-five hours per year in order to fulfill the graduation requirement, but the student has the option to do more. If a student is working toward a Florida Academic Scholarship or for the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction he/she must complete a minimum of a hundred hours.

Q. How can the student monitor and record the hours of the community service project?

A. The student must have the “Community Service Verification Form” and the “Activity Log Form” filled out completely. If the student receives a certification or an acknowledgement letter, he/she must attach it to the “Activity Log Form”, but it has to show proof of how many hours were completed.

Q. What documentation is needed for a student to demonstrate they have completed the community service project?

A. All students are required to complete the following forms:
  • The Project Proposal
  • Community Service Verification Form
  • Activity Log Form
  • Project Summary ReportFive paragraph essay reflecting his/her experience

Q. Who does the student turn in the Community Service Project to once it is completed?

A. The student needs to present the proposal to his/her Social Studies teacher first and then when the teacher approves and signs off on the project, the student can begin the project.

Placement Information

You may complete hours at any Miami Dade County Library, Museum, School or Park and Recreational Center. Please note that this project can only be completed at the locations listed below and through any International Studies Charter School sponsored activity.

Miami Children's Museum

(305) 373-5437

Special Olympics Florida in Miami

(305) 406-9467

American Red Cross

(305) 406-9467

International Rescue Committee

(305) 640-9881

United Way of Miami-Dade

(305) 860-3000

Camillus House

(305) 374-1065

Hands on Miami

(305) 646-7200

Regis House

(305) 642-7600

Ronald McDonald House Charities

(305) 324-5683

City of Doral

(305) 593-6725

Hospice Care of Southeast Florida

(305) 599-7755

Kristi House (must be 18 years old)

(305) 547-6800

Charlee Program (must be 18 years old)

(305) 779-9600

Hope in Miami Beach

(305) 220-3467

Miami Dade Aviation Department

(305) 876-7858

Miami Metro Zoo

(305) 255-5551

Pinecrest Garden

(305) 669-6944

American Cancer Society

(305) 779-2848

(contact person Yesenia Morales)

If you would like to do community service hours at another location that is not listed or specified, please speak to a guidance counselor or an administrator for approval.